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RESURRECTION is actor Donal Gibson’s account of his own family’s slide into the abyss, starting with the release of The Passion of the Christ, a film directed by his older brother Mel Gibson. Though not affiliated with his brother’s controversial movie, Gibson became a casualty of the film’s negative fallout, and he had to suffer the consequences of his brother’s movie and the firestorm it created for the last 20 years of his life. The backlash from Mel’s DUI arrest and subsequent scandals only served to make things worse. In his book, Gibson sets out to discover just why these calamities occurred. Equipped with an insider’s view that only a family member can have, he initially harkens back to earlier times, delving into the past, looking for clues in an attempt to fathom why things turned out so disastrously in the present. His stories are often evocative and amusing — but as Gibson recounts the mayhem of the last two decades the book changes gear, becoming stark, brutal and deeply disturbing. These are stories that have not been told until now, tales of suffering and despair and survival against almost insurmountable odds. Gibson details how he and his wife became collateral damage and pariahs due to the fallout from his brother Mel’s film. He goes on to describe how things grew to be even more horrendous thanks to his brother’s infamous anti-Semitic tirade and shocking scandals. It is an eye-opening chronicle of a family that was left divided and broken by the ongoing self-implosion of the Hollywood Mega Star at its core. It is also a shocking account of a once tight-knit clan torn apart by unforgivable domestic violence that manifests itself as The Gibson Rage. Along the way, Gibson lifts the lid on his often less than harmonious relationship with his older brother Mel, who he describes as having a flair for distancing people. This is an uncompromising, intriguing and sometimes tragic look into the hidden world of Gibson and his family.

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Donal Gibson

Donal Gibson is an actor, writer and artist who was born in New York. He was raised in the USA and in Australia. He began his acting career in Australia, where he worked professionally in film, television and theatre. He went on to appear in international film productions in Hollywood and in Europe, and he became an accomplished voice actor for both film and television. 

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